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so i made a cool friend, and we both have one thing in common: we would DIE for widowtracer. so weve been doing this rp thing (shes really good and she says my tracer is too fuckin good) and so i might, if she signs off on it, let me post it here....its 17 pages long not double spaced at size 12 font ITS A LOT OKAY. the story is that lena meets this sad widow in a bar, and amelie is wasting her life away because she cant bear the death of her husband even though its been 6 years, and lena vows to make her night decent. they end up going to this lake, holding hands, and making a deep connection. but amelie was drunk and now she has her wits about her, and is cold and distant. but lena doesnt care about that because she just feels so right being with amelie and she loves her for who she is and also pharmercy is there too THIS RP GIVES ME FEELINGS OKAY anyways thats all bye
Harker Emote
a little emote of Harker, main character of my video game Vissaria. from here on out, she isnt white anymore, which was heavily requested by my friend, and harker looks cute whenever so i obliged :P but this is basically what the demo sprite is gonna look like, except the first bit of the demo her left arm is all messed up so i have to make extra sprites for that. this isnt what the super ultra final game sprite is gonna be, im making the three stage demo version (with just harker, a boss, and another oc of mine Draca) just for a school project thing i gotta do. working with pixels is so refreshing...
doing homework about memories, watching a show about a mans late wife, just makes me feel sO COOL AND HAPPY
so, a thing happened. ever seen that moon lycanroc fursuit floating around? the really really good one? well uh, i GUESS, that this artist liked my golisopod charms? ANS SAID THEY WOULD BUY THEM?? well like i dont have the resources to make real ones and so i had to say no but dude, dude they wanted 4, for $20 each 4 inches large LIKE WH WHAT YOU DON GOTTA DO THAT MANG IM JUST A KID WHAT WOULD I DO WITH $80 (spend it right away) but that person is so sosososo super cool i bout died when they DMd me
its weird how you can go from missing someone to being 100% annoyed and done with thinking about it.


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